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The Advantage Network provides EFT services through its processor, FIS Global, Inc., which is the world’s largest financial services provider. This unique partnership provides access to innovative technology as well as the local, high-touch customer service The Advantage Network is known for. Advantage staff have decades of experience working with FIS, Visa, and other networks and vendors. The Advatage Network provides a layer of expertise and advocacy to ensure our member institutions receive timely and thorough solutions and efficient implementations of new products and services.

Our staff truly cares about our members, their ATM and Checkcard programs, and their cardholders. From conversion onto our Network to daily operations, Advantage staff is available to guide and assist you. When you call Advantage, the call is answered by an Advantage employee who provides an immediate resolution or begins the process of finding a resolution. Advantage team members can also be reached individually by email. Advantage does not use a third-party call center or ticket service to queue calls, gather information, rank projects or provide solutions.